Just launched my kickstarter project Rescuing Animals Through Children’s Books – The Rescue Me Series

Dear Friends, Family, and all the kind people who are interested in funding this Kickstarter project,

Over the past few years I have written a series of children’s picture books that teach powerful life lessons. Each book in the series deals with challenges that humans and animals may face sometime in their lives.

My goal is to fund this series of six books which I lovingly call “The Rescue Me Series,” through crowd funding. Please watch the video explaining why I have authored these books on my Kickstarter page (http://kck.st/VTF6W1), and then please send this link to as many people as you know so they too can see what these books are all about.  You and the people you know will agree that these stories are worth printing. I must reach the total goal amount ($28,000) in order to receive the funding from Kickstarter — so the more people who see it, the more likely it is that these books will be published.

Not only are these books purposefully written, beautifully illustrated, and educational, but each one has a dedicated nonprofit that coincides with the character and theme of the story. Rescue Me will be a philanthropic books series: a portion of the sales of every single book sold will go directly to that charity, bringing awareness to their hard work and selfless generosity they provide, as well as to help generate funds that are greatly needed so they can continue saving animals.  They are always in need of monetary support, as donations are their main source of income. Due to Kickstarter’s terms of conditions, however, I am not allowed to mention this in the video. The more people you can forward this email to, the more helpful it will be to fill the pledge needed to produce these books.


Everyone who watches this video will have a better understanding of why these books are so important.  There is no better way to educate our children then by stories of love and understanding; explained in a gentle way about the importance of being open-minded and generous to those less fortunate.  It teaches children to be altruistic every time they purchase a book and help save a life.


I have posted the links of every charity I wish to share the profits with.  Once you see for yourself what they are all about, I am sure you will want to help in any way you can.  All you have to do is watch the video and pass it on (including this email) to everyone you know!



www.mabcr.org (Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue)

www.bordercolliesinneed.org (Border Collies in Need Rescue)

www.caringfriendscatrescuetustin@yahoo.com  (Caring friends Cat Rescue)

www.ocferrets.org (Orange County Ferrets Rescue)

www.tortoise.com (American Tortoise Rescue)

www.blesele.com  (Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary)


I wish to thank each and every one in advance for taking time out of your day to read this email, watch the video, and send it to everyone you know.  With your help and the help of your friends, this project can become a reality.


My heartfelt thanks,


Jaimi Ilama (aka Wolotsky)