ONLY 25 Days left for Kickstarter Project! It’s ALL or NOTHING!

Hi All,

I have been sending out emails, tweets, and texts to everyone I know, in hopes that they will inform everyone they know about this Kickstarter project!  The few that have contributed so far, I am touched beyond words that you have faith in me and this project! For all those that come to this site or check out the Kickstarter but don’t contribute or pass it on, this blog is for you!!!

I am not sure if you know how Kickstarter Projects work, so here goes… It is ALL or Nothing! Pretty much that is it, in a nutshell!  If I do not get the funding then, everyone is reimbursed and the books series (six of them!) will not have the money necessary to get them published and in the stores.  I am asking for $28,000 (not for myself!!!) but in order to keep ALL rights of my books and be able to return a portion of the proceeds to ALL the charities I have listed, and hopefully even more that are not!  I also need to hire people that can help me make these books.  Right now they are sitting in a word document, some are edited already but NONE are printed!  I need a lawyer to start a nonprofit so that the books can be sold directly through it and the proceeds will go directly to the specific nonprofit.  I need printers and warehouses to make the books, store and ship them directly to the people and bookstores.  I need a publicist who can help get the word out and cover as many markets as necessary for exposure.  ALL this costs money.  Money which I don’t have to do it on my own; money which I am hoping to get from this Kickstarter project!  

All six of these books are thoughtfully written, and each one has a lesson to teach to both young and old.  I promise to keep you ALL updated throughout this process, as I am doing now.  I am happy to send each and everyone who contributes as much information as they want to fully understand the enormity of this project! 

PLEASE support this project in some way. Either by contributing and/or sending it on to everyone you know!  I truly appreciate your help!

Jaimi ILama (acronym for I Love All My Animals)