About Me

I was born and raised on Long Island, New York the third and youngest daughter of a middle class family. I had my struggles, as most adolescents do, and relied heavily on the love of our family dog because he was the only one that I knew for sure truly loved me. He was always there when I was sad and never asked for anything more than my love in return. I also spent a lot of my time writing poetry, never to be seen by anyone, but rather as an outlet of my feelings that I wasn’t able to verbally express. I had a lot of friends but as time went on the only things that I was sure of and gave my life purpose was the love from the dog and the words that I wrote.

In my early twenties I moved out of parent’s house, got a dog of my own, and continued to write. Eventually, I married and moved from New York to the Washington DC area where I had my two sons. As the family grew so did my animal family adding “Rescue” dogs, cats, turtles and ferrets to the brood. Being a Mom meant spending a lot of time reading to my son’s. Sometimes we even had our own private book club and discussed our predictions on how the stories would unfold.

We moved to California when the boys were in elementary school, and I began to journal, and write again; this time focusing on my two loves, children and animals. However, unlike before I knew I wanted to share my stories and make a career out of it. My first series of books which I call “Rescue Me” all have lovable characters that meet with some unfortunate circumstances, yet are able to overcome them and at the same time appreciate the blessings that they are given. Each story contains beautiful illustrations to help capture the essence of the characters. At the end of each story are a few questions to open dialogue about the plot. But what I feel to be the most important part of this series is that a portion of the sales will go to a Non-profit specifically chosen for that particular book; thus allowing every reader who purchases a book the knowledge that they have helped a worthy cause and saved an animals life by supporting them with medical care, supplies, food, and shelter.

My hope is that you will enjoy each of these stories and find that they fulfill their purpose. My wish is to share them with the world and in the process build awareness and bring about change through conversation. I am available to do readings and signings when my schedule allows, just contact me through this site.