Rescue Me Series

A Pup’s Tale – First in print
A beautiful picture book about a rescued Border Collie named Dru and how he finally finds a family to love him. Come follow his paw prints through the pages of the book and see how his story unfolds.
Works in progress:

The Upstairs Cat
This is a story about a chubby cat that is afraid of change but out of loneliness and curiosity goes outside of her comfort zone and finds a life much fuller than the one she has known.

Where Did I Go?
Throughout the story you will search for the main character; just be careful not to miss him. The colorful pictures and rhyme will keep you captivated, as you discover who he is.

Romeo the Warrior
Read about Romeo the cat and the promises he makes to himself while waiting for a family to save him from the shelter. It is a story of courage and unyielding hope that one day he will be able to be someone’s warrior.

A Home for Timmy
Although Timmy the turtle is born with half a shell, it does not change who he is and how he is perceived by his friends. As you read along and look at the pictures you’ll find out what truly makes a home a home and the importance of understanding and accepting everyone for who they are.

Goodbye and Thank you
Saying goodbye is never easy for anyone, especially for a young girl whose favorite stuffed animal is torn to shreds accidentally by her little brother. As you turn the pages you will see how she deals with the loss of her forever friend and the gratitude she discovers for having had him in her life.


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